Joro Olumofin Warns Unfaithful Men.

Joro Olumofin Relationship therapist, has warned unfaithful men as he pointed out a shift in the mindset of single and married women, stating that the new approach is one of reciprocity – “Do me, I do you.”

Joro made this known following the growing trend of infidelity among married women in Lagos and Abuja, two major cities in Nigeria.

In a post shared on his social media page, Joro stated that many wives have embraced cheating because of the broke status of their husbands and the others do so due to their husbands’ unfaithfulness.

Thus suggesting a change in dynamic where wives are now less likely to endure infidelity silently and are more inclined to respond in kind.

Conclusively, he pointed out to men that understanding and forgiving wives are becoming rare in Nigeria, as he draws their attention a broader shift in attitudes toward infidelity in marital relationships.

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