Kambili Edochie died of poisoning – family member reveals.

Kambili Edochie the deceased 16 year old son of actor Yul Edochie is believed to have died of food poisoning.

According to a his matenal family member via phone call with reporter, Kambilichukwu passed away as a result of food poisoning.

She claims that May Edochie is going through a lot right now and that Kambilichukwu was poisoned, not as was previously believed.She explained how it happened by stating that Kambilichukwu was with a friend when he received the food package containing a burger and beverage.

He didn’t complain to his friend about how his stomach hurt until after the meal.The alleged family member also claimed that Kambilichukwu’s friend knew who was the sender of the package, but the friend’s family has been threatened into keeping silent.

As at the time of this report, no other family member has come forth to react to the claims.

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