Katie price reveals she looks like “a Freak and an Alien” Due to Countless Cosmetic Surgeries.

Katie Price ex- glamour model has said she believes her countless cosmetic procedures have left her looking like a ‘freak’ & an ‘alien’.

The 45 year old , has become known for her broad surgical procedures, including various boob jobs, nose jobs and cosmetic work such as fillers & botox.

In a fresh interview with the Go Love Yourself podcast, she relieved her concerns of suffering from body dysmorphia, and her inability to accept her image.

In July, Katie underwent a BBL, liposuction, eye, chin & lip surgery in Turkey. After the procedures, she expressed concern she thought she might die as she left the operating theatre after losing so much blood

Katie price Early this year, nicknamed herself a ‘surgery veteran’ after countless surgical procedures including three [3] facelifts and three [3] bouts of liposuction.

Conclusively, She admitted she can’t recall how many boob jobs she’s had, but believes the number is 12, while pointing out that Botox no longer works on her after having the injectables so many times since the age of 30.

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