Khloe Kardashian Temporarily Quits Dating To Focus On Her Kids

Khloe Kardashian has not dated for some time, yet the truth star says she isn’t hurrying to date since she is putting her kids first.

In the wake of severing things with Tristan Thompson, the dad of her two kids, she dated momentarily yet that rapidly burn out. While she cares very little about dating Tristan once more, she says she’s not searching for anything at the present time.

“I certainly think what I’ve experienced is a variable why I’m not very much like, ‘We should simply begin dating once more,'” she shared. “I would rather not f-ck up my children. So much has proactively happened that might actually f-ck them up, that I would rather not include to that by carrying another person along with everything else. Up to this point, individuals have been extremely frustrating.”

Khloe says she approves of her outlook to at no point ever open herself up in the future the manner she has previously. Her union with Lamar Odom finished due to his cheating and illicit drug use and Tristan over and again undermined her.

“I believe that growing up is, you figure out how to safeguard yourself and I don’t believe it’s something terrible,” she proceeded.

Khloe says she is blissful.

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