Kirk Franklin excludes Oldest Son ” Kerrion ” from Christmas Family Photo.

Kirk Franklin International Gospel singer has sparked online reaction as he excludes his oldest son Kerrion whom he has a notorious rocky relationship with from his 2022 Christmas family photo.

Kirk and his son Kerrion hasn’t been on the best of terms, and then last year Kerrion released an audio of Kirk – a supposed man of God – cursing out the young man.

In the video posted on Instagram Live last year, Kerrion accused Kirk of lying about seeking family counseling and claims his father refuses to meet with TD Jakes to work on their issues. He also denied cursing at his father claiming he was only repeating the curse words his father said to him.

This year, Kirk sent out Christmas family pictures ( as seen above) , and Kerrion was not included in any of them.

Fans of the gospel singer immediately noticed, and began asking why Kerrion wasn’t included in the Franklin Family Christmas photo.

Kerrion responded by posting the image as seen below;

” I am never invited to these pictures, let him enjoy his fantasy ” he wrote.

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