Lady shares photo of undersized bra she found in her man’s Crib.

A lady named Rayven Baxter has taken to Twitter to disclose her partner’s reaction after she found a piece of underwear which does not belong to her in his home.

Rayven Baxter who felt betrayed, confronted her partner about the bra she discovered.

In an attempt to cover his tracks, he claimed that the bra belonged to Rayven herself.

However, she saw through his lies, pointing out that the bra was clearly not hers as it was in a small size, whereas she is busty.

In an act of defiance and to provide undeniable evidence of her partner’s deceit, Rayven Baxter shared a photo of herself wearing the bra, highlighting the stark difference in size.

Her post on social media included her heartfelt reaction to the situation, expressing her disappointment and frustration with her partner’s actions.

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