#letthemeatcake Phrase causes New Social Media Revolution [video]

#letthemeatcake a phrase that dates far back as the 18th century is causing chaos on social media as Peasants block and unfollow celebrities & influencers.

According to reports reaching,  the revolution got reignited after a foreign tiktoker named Hailey Bailey uttered the statement ” let them eat cake” at the Met Gala 2024.

Following her statement, social media users around the world got triggered by the insensitive phrase, as it opened up closed wounds that led to the French Revolution.

However, a little dig into history showed the original statement was spoken by Marie Antoinette when she was told that her people- the French peasants were starving to death because at that time, France was going bankruptas they were rendering assistance to U.S settlers against the British empire,and at the same time, colonising the entire world.


Since the emergence of the video, lots of foreign celebrities  have lost followers across social media platforms, with more to come.

Meanwhile, TikTok influencer Haleyy Baylee has posted an apology after facing backlash for a video she posted at the Met Gala.

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