Lil Nas X reveals to Netizens He welcomed a Son in 2021 (see receipt)

Lil Nas X controversial Gay rapper has revealed to social media elites that he welcomed a son in year 2021.

In a new post on Instastory rapper Lil Nas X has revealed the “ child is one-year old and was born on September 27, 2021.

While the child’s name still remains unknown , the news left social media fans were in absolute shock.

Lil Nas X

To back up his claims, he shared an image of a baby boy who appeared to be around the age of one, chewing on a binkie and holding a giant wolf plush doll. The child was seated on a white marble dining table, and behind him was a Ben Baller money counter in golden color.

The tweet sent netizens into berserker mode as they wondered if he was telling the truth, given that the artist is notoriously known to be a heavy prankster . One user even thinks that while the baby might be related to the rapper, it is not his son, but his nephew:

While some are slamming him for faking being gay, others think he is joking. A few people also think that the artist is referring to the wolf plush toy named ‘Bronco’ and not the young child in the picture.

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