Love Language – Types and Benefits.

Love Language is the way people express or show love, and it differ . Most times feelings and good intentions get lost in Translation of a person’s particular love language

They are applicable in platonic and Romantic relationships depending on those involved.

1. Act of Service
2. Words of Affirmation
3. Gifts
4.Quality Time
5. Physical Touch.

Words of Affirmation – verbal expression of affection , appreciation and encouragement

Quality Time : Giving your love interest or partner your undivided attention to cancel out disconnection. [ date nights, relaxing together, recreation activities, excersise, chit chat ]

Physical Touch : could be sexual or non-sexual, and is done with consent . E.g Warm hugs, PDA, holding hands , Kissing, Cuddling , Sex etc

Act of Service : selfless but thoughtful acts that involves more action “doing” less words [ cooking for them , body massage, etc]

Gifts: expensive or inexpensive but with thoughtfulness . Personalised gifts, random gifts purchases .


1. It increases longevity and satisfaction
2. Helps you express basic Truth
3. Gives you common sense Idea
4. It serve as Emotional currency
5. Conveys warmth and safety
6. Helps your partner feel appreciated & understood


1. Activity – people who have this as their love language feel happy when their partner participate in their hobbies & Interests.

2. Appreciation – people here feel loved, when Admired, complimented and praised openly by their partner.

3. Emotional – People here feel loved when their partners are able to give them support when they are going through emotional scare – fully present during their highs and lows in life.

4. Financial – people in this category feel loved when their partners are free with resources ; money, gifts , enjoyment spree .

5. Intellectual – People here feel loved when their partner show great value for their opinions, intelligence as they take part in important discussions and issues

6. Physical – people here feel loved when their partners exhibit clear cut attraction such as – hugs, bedtime snuggles, at all times.

7. Practical – people under this category feel loved when their partner help out with indoor or outdoor duties and responsibilities .

Real life Example : you spend weeks trying to find a partner the most amazing gift ever, but come their birthday they respond with “I would’ve been happy just ordering in and then snuggling up on the couch together.”

It’s not necessarily that they’re ungrateful or that you messed up. They just communicate their love differently — or have a different love language.

What’s your love Language??

Thank you for Reading.

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