Man Utd…world richest club

Although Real Madrid won the LA liga and champions league, they suffered a rare defeat on Tuesday -off the pitch as Manchester united Is now officially the world most valuable football club for the Ist time.

The club owned by the American Glazer family is money -wise the most profitable club right now with a post operating income of $288 million more than fellow English clubs Whose operating incomes are pegged as follows:

Arsenal ($122 million), Chelsea ($52 million), Liverpool ($29 million), Tottenham Hotspur ($68million). 

 According to mike ozanian assistant managing  editor at Forbes media, Manchester united was able to achieve this great feat due to their powerful brand & business acumen.

Below is the ranking of the forbes football rich list:

  • Man Utd ($ 3.69 billion)
  • Barcelona ($3.64 billion)
  • Real Madrid ($3.58 billion)
  • Bayern Munich ($2.71 billion)
  • Manchester city ($2.08 billion)
  • Arsenal($1.93 billion)
  • Liverpool ($1.49 billion)
  • Juventus ($1.26 billion)
  • Tottenham Hotspur ($1.06 billion)

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Wow. Finally got to know dat Manchester United is the richest club.. Up the red devils. Always a fan even in heaven

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