Mary Magdalene shows off smaller chest after removal of size 38J breast Implant. [Pics]

Mary Magdalene popular Surgery-addicted model, has unveiled her breast reduction after one of her 38J implants burst and left her with a uniboob.

Earlier this week, the Mexican-born model, 30, showed off her smaller chest after having her size-38J breast implants removed when one of them burst, leaving her with a ‘uniboob’.


Mary Magdalene also has plans to have her botched lip and cheek fillers dissolved next as she continues her journey back to natural beauty.

Sharing her new look with her 212,000 followers on Instagram, Mary gushed: ‘I love it!’

She added: ‘I have had huge implants for so long so it was a scary change but I am so happy with it. Shopping is fun now cuz I can fit in cute tops.’


Despite taking out her breast implants, Mary still has her buttocks implants, which she’s enhanced multiples times with everything from multiple BBL procedures to getting illegal silicone injections. The model is also expected to downsize her derriere.

Last month, the 30-year-old told fans that her dangerous addiction to plastic surgery had almost killed her and also ruined her financially

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