Megan Royle shares her Cancer Misdiagnosis Story.

Megan Royle, 33, was told she had skin cancer in 2019 and went through nine cycles of treatment, surgery, and even had her eggs frozen.

According to her she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent two years of treatment was left shocked when doctors told her she had been wrongly diagnosed.

Megan first went to the hospital in 2019, aged 29, after a visible mole on her arm increased in size, scabbed and became itchy.

And when a Skin biopsy was carried out and she was told she had melanoma – a type of skin cancer .

She was then referred to another specialist cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital, where the biopsy was professionally reviewed and she was again told it was melanoma.

She was booked for treatment, underwent nine cycles of immunotherapy treatment, and had her eggs frozen since the treatment can impact on fertility, and also underwent a 2cm wide excision of tissue to remove the ‘cancer’.

She was then told she was in remission but when she moved north of UK in 2021 for work, a new hospital trust reviewed her file and scans and found she never had melanoma in the first place.

But two years later when she moved home, a different hospital trust reviewed her records, there and then she found out she was misdiagnosed.

She has now received compensation from the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the pathology service used by Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, as both misinterpreted her results, leading to the misdiagnosis.

Megan Royle is a theatrical make-up artist from Beverley in East Yorkshire,

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