Mia Thornton allegedly got a “hall pass” from ex-husband to satisfy her Libido

Mia Thornton was reportedly given the freedom to cheat with younger men by her ex-husband Gordon Thornton to “satisfy” her growing sexual needs.

71-year-old Gordon said he “knew there was going to come a time” when he can’t keep his 38-year-old ex wife happy in the bedroom which is why he gave the Real Housewives of Potomac star freedom to cheat.

Speaking to TMZ this week, Gordon claimed he told Mia : “I want you to know that I am okay with you finding what you need elsewhere.”

But for the hall pass to work, he put “two rules” in place – [1] “don’t give me a reason to look for it” and [2] “keep the kids out of it”.

However, things didn’t work out aa planned as she still went on to separate from him.

Gordon said: “What really aggravates me through all of this, is that I’d given her permission, and yet she still chooses to sneak around, chooses to lie, chooses to continually change her story about what’s going on and why she’s leaving me.”

The pair called it quits in September 2023 after 11 years together – and after welcoming son Jeremiah, eight, and daughter Juliana, six. Mia also has son Joshua from a previous relationship.

Gordon claims he was happy for Mia to start seeing someone else as long as she kept it private.

He now thinks she’s leaving him because of money – admitting he doesn’t have access to the funds he used to, whereas her new man is thinking of buying them a new house together.

He said: “I absolutely believe that she’s leaving me because she sees an upgrade. She’s mentioned to me that they’re going to be buying a house together and doing businesses together, which tells me that the interest is based on monetary gain from the relationship.”

Gordon – who recently underwent surgery to treat prostate cancer – went on to confess: “I do agree that Mia married me for my money and the future she thought I could provide.”

Issuing a statement on their split, Mia said back in September: “Like all marriages, our has had its ups and downs. At this time, Gordon and I are separated, but my family is my number one priority, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure we are okay. We ask that you respect our privacy and give us the time and space to figure things out.”

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