Michael Jackson Tops List of Highest paid Dead Celebrities of 2023. [ full list]

In 2023, the late American singer Michael Jackson became the world’s highest-paid dead celebrity, earning an estimated $115 million, according to Forbes. This marks his first time atop the list in four years. Elvis Presley ranked second, earning $100 million.

Michael Jackson late American singer, has for the first time held the top spot to become the world’s highest-paid dead celebrity of 2023.

Jackson was named the highest-earning deceased celebrity on Forbes magazine’s 2023 annual list released on Tuesday, with an estimated $115 million in earnings.

This is the first time Jackson has held the top spot in four years.

His late father-in-law, Elvis Presley came in second place with an estimated $100 million in earnings.

See full list below;

▪️US singer, Michael Jackson – $115 million
▪️US singer and actor, Elvis Presley – $100 million
▪️US keyboardist, Ray Manzarek – $45 million
▪️US cartoonist, Dr. Seuss – $40 million
▪️US cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz – $30 million
🔹️US singer, Prince – $30 million
🔹️US singer, Whitney Houston – $30 million
🔹️British singer, John Lennon – $22 million
🔹️Jamaican singer, Bob Marley – $16 million
🔹️US singer, Bing Crosby – $14 million
▪️British singer, George Harrison – $14 million
▪️US golfer, Arnold Palmer – $10 million
▪️US singer, Marilyn Monroe – $10 million

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