Mr Ibu and Sons Clear the Air on Malicious Allegations made by 2nd Wife. [ videos]

Mr Ibu and his sons have cleared the air on allegations that Chioma Jasmine is the actor’s side chic, not his daughter as widely insinuated by the 2nd wife Stella Maris.

In a reaction to the allegations, they categorically stated that Chioma Jasmine is the actor’s adopted daughter.

Ibu’s first and second sons also called out their father’s second wife Stella Maris. They alleged that her recent social media revelations is because she is hungry for money.

Watch video below;

They accused her of dividing their family and abandoning their father when he was sick. They claim she questioned why so much money should be spent on Mr Ibu’s drugs and hospital bills when he was ill.

They said it was the same Chioma Jasmine she is calling out that was there for their father, took care of him, and nursed him back to good health.

They added that Chioma then revived Mr. Ibu’s social media accounts and monetised it and the wife is now back because she wants the money being made.

Mr Ibu’s sons went on to accuse Stella of refusing to get a job or start a business.

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