Mr Ibu called out by Wife for alleged Maltreatment + illicit Affair with Acclaimed daughter Jasmine. [ video]

Mr Ibu popular comic actor has been called out by wife, Stella Maris for his ill treatment towards her & their kids. She also hinted that a romantic affair exists between Mr Ibu & his acclaimed daughter, Chioma Jasmine Okafor.

In videos shared online, the veteran acto could be seen and heard raging mightily at his wife, Stella Maris while threatening to unleash his wrath on her if she doesn’t tell him the issue she has with Chioma Jasmine.

Watch Video below;

Another clip also shows Stella Maris crying while stating that Mr Ibu came from his girlfriend’s house to beat her up while spilling the wrongs the actor has meted out on her and her children.

Instagram Bloggers alleged that Jasmine is having sexual relations with Ibu while disguising herself as his daughter.

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