Negative Biography of a Dead Man Spotted in Funeral Brochure.

A Negative biography of deceased man went viral on social media as his family did not hesitate to publicly state their reservations against him in his funeral brochure.


In the funeral brochure for the late Chief Gabriel Osonwa Kalu, aka Ete Ossy, his family made it clear that he fell short of their expectations.


A tribute written by the man’s children reads: “It is true nobody is truly perfect, but Ete Ossy, you left us with no single legacy as your children. Indeed you were so good to outsiders but your own home was a total shamble. As a growing child, I regretted having you as a father, but today, look at me, standing to lay you down to rest.”


On his social life, the children wrote: “Ete Ossy was sociable to outsiders and very intelligent.”

The tribute is going viral and has started a conversation about speaking ill of the dead.

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