Nigerian Lady shares Ordeal in the hands of an Abusive Ex-boyfriend.

A Nigerian lady has revealed how she survived despite getting abused severally by her ex-boyfriend.

The young woman revealed the beginning of their relationship was quite exciting and everything was great until she caught him cheating on her, and when she tried to leave, he turned violent and choked her until she almost passed out.

Despite her struggle, she managed to break free from his grip. But he continued to beg and plead for her forgiveness, even going so far as starving himself to make it look like he was broken and remorseful.

However, she knew deep down that he would never change, and she decided to leave him for good.

Two years later, she found someone who was everything her ex was not. He was kind, gentle, and would never hurt a fly. She knew that she had made the right choice, and she vowed never to fall for the same kind of trap again.

Looking back, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for any woman who would fall for her ex’s charm and end up trapped in a cycle of abuse. She hoped that someday he would change, but deep down she knew that he was beyond redemption.

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