OAP Nedu Blasts Women Who Go To Public Places Braless.

OAP Nedu actor and media personality, has made a claim about ladies who go to public places without bra and underwear

He said that a lot of ladies no longer wear bras even in public places.

The comedian said he has spotted many ladies in malls without bras.

He stated this on the latest episode of The Honest Bunch audiovisual podcast co-hosted by him.

He said, “Most of the ladies that goes to Ebeano to buy stuff do not wear bra and it’s a public place.”

His co-host, actress Ezinne Jane Ugorji added that ladies who claim they don’t wear bras because they are not comfortable in them, should at least have the decency of wearing bras in public places for the sake of others.

She said, “If you want to be comfortable, be comfortable in your house because other people come there [public places] with their husbands.”

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