Over-Generosity is a Killer ,Cut Down on it – Shank Comics.

Shank Comics one of the leading 9ja content creator has hammered on the need for good people to necessarily reduce their level of generosity.

According to shanks,  by cutting back on his generosity, he was able to buy two houses and a car.

Read his Statement below;

Sometimes you are not really broke, no matter how you hustle, if you don’t learn to say No to certain people you’ll never be rich. You can’t be drowning and trying to save others, you’ll end up drowning too.

“I took a month and I said I’m not going to send anybody anything, even family I said no. Guess what? at that month I was able to buy a car and house. I’m not saying you should be stingy but just STAND STRONG FIRST”.

He added that in order to become wealthy, people must learn to say no, otherwise their labours of love will not produce riches.

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