Oxlade video is no big Deal and not worth the Hype – Says Pretty Mike

Oxlade video has been commonized as socialite, Pretty Mike says the explicit video of the fast rising singer trending on social media is overhyped.

The socialite noted that it’s either those hyping the sexual prowess of the singer can’t eat p*ssy well or the girls have been having sex with guys with small penis. According to pretty Mike, the hookup girl’s vagina in the viral video was dry and that was the reason why oxlade had to use saliva as lubricant.

Pretty Mike also evaluated the size of Oxlade’s penis. He said the singers penis is not big enough for him to have been showcasing it on social media, while stating that some men carry extra baby leg inside their trouser.

ICYMI : Oxlade was filmed having sex with a pretty lady in bed and the leaked viral video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media with male students of UNILAG, hailing and chanting Oxlade’s name in their various hostel room.

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