Personal Trainer Incarcerates his Penis in an Enlargement attempt.

A personal trainer has reportedly Injured his penis while attempting to enlarge it by lifting weights.

The 24-year-old trainer from India ended up with his penis stuck in a metal plate weighing roughly 3kg. He believed he could grow the muscles of his penis like every other muscle so he devised a dangerous plan.

He inserted his penis into the hole of the weight plate while it was flaccid before getting himself hard. Then he attempted to lift the weight using his erect penis.

His medical case is detailed by medics in the journal Urology Case Reports.

Urologists said he “ignored” what was at first “mild” pain and swelling, and continued the exercise in “excitement” until things got extremely painful.

The medics wrote: “After some time, when the intensity of pain and swelling increased in the penis, he tried to remove the weight plate but couldn’t do so… He panicked and decided to visit the doctor.”

The personal trainer finally went to the hospital two whole hours after first putting his penis in the hole. He was accompanied by relatives as he went to the hospital.

His manhood was described as being “incarcerated”.

Painkilling gel, drugs and even surgical efforts were deployed to reduce the swelling before medics eventually managed to slide the plate off.

NOTE : Penile incarceration, also known as penile strangulation, occurs when the blood supply to the penis is blocked by an object or body part.

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