Portable Zazu catches 2nd wife Cheating, Releases Chats . [see receipt]

Portable zazu Controversial singer, has released the chat of his second wife and that of her lover after catching her cheating.

It would be recalled that the singer secretly tied the knot with his second wife after she got pregnant for him and later gave birth.

In a recent development, Portable took to his Instagram page to share a cryptic note about his second wife being ungrateful and cheating on him.

Taking to the IG page of their newborn son, the singer leaked the chats of his second wife and her lover.

He also reposted the same cryptic note on their son’s page with a caption that reads, “ungrateful.”

In the chat, the lady confirmed to her lover that she was pregnant and would not be aborting it while stating that he belonged to ‘Okiki Portable.’

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