“Rap Music on Trial ” Law Approved by the New York State Senate.

“Rap Music on Trial ” Law has been officially Approved by the New York State Senate has learned.

The law which was approved on Monday, contains a bill that prevents lyrics of songs from being used as evidence during criminal cases, thus creating protection for all artists – rappers, content creators, etc.

A-list Artists such as Jay-Z and Fat Joe in recent times have signed their names on a petition supporting the intentions of legislation to secure the freedom of creative expression in New York, banning prosecutors from expounding rap lyrics as evidence against defendants in courtrooms and during court session.

Meanwhile,Erik Nielson a University of Richmond Professor in his research claims that at least 28 cases of New York criminal prosecutors were striving to use rap lyrics as proof of criminal activity since 2017. And in recent times – last week precisely the Fulton County District Attorney in Atlanta gave room for prosecutors to use rap music from Young Thug in a gamble to prove the rapper’s share in an alleged criminal operation.

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