Ronke Oshodi Oke Narrates how her child fell ill after Drinking Water Laced with Bleach.

Ronke Oshodi oke veteran actress has shared a video in which she spoke of how daughter fell ill after drinking water that had been laced with bleach by her supposed “roommate or friend.”

Ronke said she was called around 3:45 am on a Friday, with the news that her daughter, Jumoke, drank hypo. She said she was surprised to hear such a news and quickly ran to the school’s hospital, where met her daughter crying and in discomfort.

It was later discovered that someone had deliberately poured hypo into Jumoke’s water bottle which had water in it, with the intention to kill her. Ronke said her daughter woke up 3am to drink the water after which she began to feel pains.

She said Jummy was taken to three different hospitals before she got better.

Ronke said she doesn’t want to name the private University where the incident occurred three weeks ago, but she warned the school to do better. She said she has just two kids so she wouldn’t want anything of such happening to her first child again.

She also warned other students of the school with ill intentions, to stay away from her daughter

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