Ruger reveals why He Loves Serial Dating.

Ruger Popular singer, has disclosed he likes dating multiple women at the same time because he doesn’t like “being alone or single.”

According to him, in the latest episode of the Afrobeats Podcast hosted by Adesope Olajide serial dating is “fun.”

Ruger said,

Dating more than three, or four women at the same time is fun in a way. There is a way I patterned these things [laughs].

“I don’t like being alone, I can’t lie. I don’t like being alone or single. I like to be with someone whether it’s a relationship or just something, I just like being with someone. So, if we break up today, there’s another person filling up that space. I can’t be alone. I don’t like being alone. I love to have someone I can just be with and just vibe.”

Ruger concluded by saying that “ladies are attracted to what’s not good for them.”

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