Ruth Kadiri Ezerika reveals Only MEN with Zero Self-worth are Snatched.

Ruth Kadiri Ezerika Versatile Nollywood actress and producer has stated that men who get deceived or roped into illegal affairs by other women have no self-worth.

Reacting to the incident, Ruth Kadiri has stated that any man who can be snatched by another woman has no self-worth.

In her words;

“Any man who has self-worth! Will never let himself trend on social media for been snatched. So when next you see a (snatchedman) publicly loving up with the snatcher, regardless if what went wrong in the relationship! He is a MUMU man. Ladies know this and know peace and stop fighting for nonsense.

Ruth Kadiri Ezerika

Nothing worse than dating a person who has no self-worth. Women/men. Stop fighting over spouses who have no value for themselves. Gosh! I don’t care what your reasons are. Stop it. Any man that has sense will never publicly humiliate one for another.

And to cap it all. VALUELESS woman excited he left her for me”.

Her post was born out of a story by a lady identified as Munira who accused her best friend Adeola Ariyo, claiming that she snatched her man from her.

According to Munira, she and Adeola have been friends for a long time and have gone on several vacations all around the globe. She disclosed that she introduced her man to her best friend and they both started having an affair behind her.

Defending herself, Adeola disclosed that she had never been friends with Munira, adding that Munira had always been envious of her. Adeola also accused Munira of tarnishing her image of her baby daddy, which ultimately led to them kicking off a relationship.

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