Scott Disick Allegedly In search of a Serious Relationship.

Scott disick Beverly Hills playboy and baby daddy to kourtney Kardashian is allegedly in search of a serious relationship has learned.

Scott who is well known to be notorious when it comes to women affairs, was said to be troubled when his baby mama Kourtney got engaged to her new found lover. According to reports, scott thought that he would be able to get back together with kourtney despite the fact that he hs been frolicking with women of lesser age.

Scott thinks he needs to search for the one because, close relations, friends and associates are all finding love, and this is having serious effect on him. From a detailed source, the playboy had earlier disclosed that he is faced with the problem of finding someone because he has a lot of baggage that he even admits is something of a herculean task for interested persons to consider before diving into a relationship with him.

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