Security Guard give details of how he raped and killed a Lady.

Security guard 29-year-old & father of two, has narrated how he raped and killed one Miss Ruth Yakadi Bako after she refused to sleep with him. 

The deceased 32-year-old a graduate of UNIJOS and also reside North Local Government Area of the State was stabbed, raped and killed and her property whisked away at Angwan Jarawa in Farin-Gada area of Jos last year December.

According to the accused, he sighted her alighting from a commercial vehicle late in the night after closing from work and followed her to a secluded area where he raped her after much struggling. 

“I am here because I rap*d and killed someone. I don’t have any reason for what I did but I did it, it is just wickedness of the heart. That day, I just wanted to sleep with her but she refused, due to wickedness, I raped and killed her,” he narrated. 

“I am a security guard at a filling station at Farin Gada. That day, I was on duty that night and I saw her passing at about 11 pm. I have never seen her before and I don’t know her but I called her and told her I wanted to sleep with her but she refused. I chased her and caught up with her. That was when I stabbed and raped her.

“She was not dead when I raped her, it is just wickedness of the heart. After I raped her, I picked up her phone and held it for one month. After that I sold it to Ephraim Emmanuel, I did not tell him where I got the phone from just that I told him that the phone is mine. The phone is a Redmi. I started working in the filling station in August 2022 and I was being paid N28,000.” 

Emmanuel, who bought the phone added, “I bought the phone because I know him as my choirmaster. He did not tell me he was not the owner of the phone and I did not know the story behind the phone. The Police tracked the phone to me and arrested me so I told them who sold the phone to me.”

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