Shocking Footage of Surgeon Trying to remove live Snake from a Woman’s ear Goes Viral. ( watch video)

A Shocking footage which captured the moment a surgeon tried to remove a live snake from the inner ear of a woman has reportedly gone viral.


The Video of the surgery went viral after it was shared by an Indian-based star

“The snake has gone in the ear,” reads the caption to the scary Facebook clip.

It still remains unknown where, when or how this unfortunate event transpired, local outlet the Economic Times reported.


In the nearly 4-minute clip, an alleged medical practitioner can be seen using tweezers in a careful but desperate attempt to extract a black and yellow snake from the ear of the female patient.

The video ends without revealing whether or not the surgery was successful. -trying-to-remove-live-snake-from-a-woman’s-ear-goes-viral-watch video-.html

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