Simon Leviev in fresh trouble as the Real Leviev Billionaire Family Drags him to Court.

Simon Leviev, “Tinder Swindler,” who defrauded women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars under disguise is set to be sued by the original Leviev Billionaire family.

Simon the focus of the Netflix documentary “Tinder Swindler,” during his happy swindling days, had claimed he was a part of the “Leviev Israel diamond family”. According to reports, he is being sued by the original Leviev family he claimed to be a part of and is expected to face them in court next month.

Simon Leviev
Chagit Leviev, Cecilie,  Pernilla and Ayleen

Speaking, Chagit Leviev, CEO of Leviev Group USA and the daughter of Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev, told Page Six ;

” We have suffered from the “Tinder Swindler” for years, we knew he was defrauding companies and other women that reached out. We tried so hard to make him stop and fight him and report him to the police”.

“Once I saw the show coming out, I saw it’s game over for him,”. “You can no longer pretend who you are, you can no longer manipulate and lie to women. You’re busted. Everyone saw you.” She added, “In his head he owned this company which is very sick and very crazy.”

It still remains uncertain on how the Israeli conman plans to plead his case in court, but he has specifically declined a possible court appearance to which Chagit Leviev says is because Simon is scared of the public humiliation he is about to face.

Meanwhile, the Real Leviev family has teamed up with the women in the documentary – Cecilie, Pernilla and Ayleen to create an affordable bracelet called ” stronger together” with all profits given to the scammed women.

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