The  262 inches TV

Austrian based C-seed has unveiled a monstrous $539,000 (€ 490,000 ) Tv that stretches 6.65m diagonally, giving it a width of 6.14, and a height of 2.57m (8.44)feet.

C-seed 262  has a black LED technology that provides a 5000 :1 contrast ratio, and is equipped with a motorized custom fabric cover that can fold away at the push of a button.


  • ultra high 800 not brightness
  • 6-10 high end speakers (developed by L-acoustics, a French firm known for their quality loud speaker,amplifier,&signal processing device).


C-seed offers full installation for $38,500 (€3500), which is tacked on to the purchase price of  $549,000 (€ 490,000 ) bringing the total cost to half a million dollar.

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