TikToker exposes Wig Vendors and how they gain Access to Rich husbands of Female Clients. [ video]

A TikToker has taken to the platform to expose wig sellers who are in the habit of going after their customer’s partners.

According to the content creator , she went to a beauty saloon where she eavedropped on the saloon owner’s conversation with another lady.

The business woman was informing her friend how lucrative the hair business irrespective of sales.

She claimed that whenever a guy comes to make a big purchase for a wig for his girlfriend, sister or wife, she follows up on the man, asking about the purcheased hair and if they enjoyed her services.

The saloon owner further revealed that if she perceives the male client to be rich she would then follow him with her non-business Instagram account to get to know him more.

She warned ladies to collect money from their husbands and buy wigs themselves as many online and offline vendors are hunting.

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