Tupac Shakur was secretly Gay – New report claims. [ video]

Tupac Shakur was secretly gay, an interesting new theory from a TikToker making its rounds across social media claims.

The popular TikToker, claimed to have very accurate gaydar on the late rapper. According to the social media creator, he always knew that Tupac Shakur was gay – and was hiding his s**xuality from his fans.

Putting forth some pretty strong reasoning, he claims that Tupac was always around drama. The TikToker explained, “Gay men love drama, and talking slick,. That was Tupac.”

Second, he pointed out that despite the rapper’s alleged relationships with multiple women …., why did the rapper never have any kids.

He also pointed out that Tupac met Jada when he was at a performing Artis high school. The Tiktoker explained, “What thug goes to a performing arts school. Have y’all seen Fame or Glee?” Another good point.

Finally he pointed out that Jada and Tupac’s relationship was so strong because he was her gay BFF, and Jada was the only one who knew his secret. Jada talks openly about how the two beautiful teenagers had zero chemistry …. now it’s starting to make sense.

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