Ubi Franklin reveals Relationships are killed by Disloyalty, Lies and Selfishness.

Ubi Franklin Nigerian Talent Manager has spoken out for the first time since news broke out that singer Davido had unfollowed him. He said relationship’s don’t end naturally.

According to the father of 4 most relationships didn’t die from natural causes. They are either killed by a lack of loyalty, or selfishness or lies.

Earlier , reported the talent manager and singer Davido are no longer friends on social media platform Instagram.

Insiders disclosed that Davido has also sacked him from representing his wife Chioma in any capacity or acting as her manager.

The reason for the fallout according to Insiders is the Crooner allegedly became Uncomfortable of Ubi’s friendship with his wife, especially after he saw records of her banking details and how much had been paid into Mr Ubi’s account…

Ubi no longer has access to Chioma like he used to do and it is not known if he still carries the tattoo of Davido’s late son on his hand…

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