UNIBEN Female Student Seen Crawling into Lecture Hall. [Video]

UNIBEN female undergraduate has caused a stir online as a video of her crawling into a lecture hall hits the internet.

The episode, which unfolded like a scene from a movie, was caught on camera and shared on social media by @londongirlll, leaving viewers both amused and impressed by the student’s innovative approach to attending class.

In the video that has rapidly gained viral status, the undergraduate can be seen adopting a stealthy and somewhat whimsical technique to make her late entry into the lecture room.

She discreetly nudged her purse through the slightly ajar door before herself, executing a move that could easily be mistaken for a covert operation.

What sets this incident apart is the fact that, against all odds, the lecturer remained blissfully unaware of the entire spectacle.

Witnesses to the event shared that the student’s successful execution hinged on impeccable timing – the lecturer happened to be stationed at the back of the classroom at the critical juncture.

Seizing the opportune moment, the young lady crawled her way into the lecture hall, sliding into her seat without causing any disruption.

A fellow student who recorded the incident shared a chuckle about how the lecturer’s positioning inadvertently played into the latecomer’s hands

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