Vaping Leaves 17yr old Girl with Bursted Lungs

Vaping has reportedly caused a teen to be hospitalized following a hole bursting in her lungs  after she vaped the equivalent of 400 cigarettes per week.

Mark Blythe the father of the teen, broke down emotionally when he got a call saying his daughter Kyla, 17, had collapsed and turned ‘blue’ during a sleepover at a friend’s house early on May 11.

Kyla thought her habit was ‘harmless’ until that morning when her lung collapsed because excessive vaping had burst a small air blister known as a pulmonary bleb on her lungs.

After nearly going into cardiac arrest, Kyla underwent a five-and-a-half-hour surgery to remove a part of her lung.

It took another two weeks before the student was allowed home.

Kyla has been vaping since she turned 15 taking an entire 4,000-puff vapes each week, the equivalent of 400 cigarettes a week, or 57 a day.

Now she says her ordeal has made her scared of the habit.

Alarmed by his daughter’s close call with death, Mark is keen to warn other young people to ‘throw away vapes’ because ‘it’s not worth it’.

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