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What Guys Want During Sex.

Understanding people and their various sexuality is one of the hardest thing in life. It is simple to nurture the idea and fantasize about having sex ,but lets not forget that everything surrounding it is widely complicated.

To some guy out there, sex is soul food, while to another its a remedy for sexual thirstiness , a sport etc. what do you do when you find yourself dating a guy or having the urge to have sex with a random guy who sees sex like his ultimate soul food ????

Below are some of the little but important things you should do to and for your man during sex . In no particular order , they are :-

FOREPLAY : This boosts anticipation during sex. Stimulate his sensitive parts with your hand, feet, or mouth.

COMMUNICATION ; This is critical to good sex. It can involve talking during sex, or through wordless understanding. For maximum satisfaction you can express your desire to try new things before hand.

VARIETY ; This is the spice of life, with sex inclusive. Using more than one position is never a bad thing. Explore ! Explore !! all the adventures therein.

NOISE ; Absolute and complete silence during sex is often interpreted as “not enjoying yourself” ,or worse case scenario “you are asleep” . been vocal is the best tool for a guy to know if he is doing it right. Try not to scream excessively…..Thank you!

ENTHUSIASM ; Be enthusiastic in bed, and during sex. Its a huge turn on for a guy. stay lively.

COMPLIMENT ; This is a guy’s performance booster. Complement him in general ( stamina, expertise, body, action ) . you can also add a little bit of dirty talks, and try not to stray by going overboard with it – keep it within the context of the ongoing (sexual ) activity .

DIVISION OF LABOUR ; Do not leave all the sexual work for him to do alone. Your participation is highly needed and necessary. Even dolls or sex toys have motion in them.

ORGASM ; This is the main reason people have sex in the first place. If it cannot be achieved without faking it Sex is worthless.

POST SEX NAP ; sex is exhausting, sleep it off, do not just jump out of bed after it.

Now you know know what your guy / other guys who are mature & responsible enough to indulge in sexual activities may want during sex.

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