Zimbabwean man caught in the act of sodomy [ video].

A Zimbabwean man identified as Albert Rusike has been caught red-handed attempting to have sex with a young boy.

The man who claimed to be 35, was nabbed in a meticulously orchestrated sting operation aimed at apprehending individuals involved in child exploitation.

A recently aired episode of the South African show captured a distressing video footage of the father of two being confronted at a local lodge where he allegedly turned up to meet a 16-year-old boy. The cunning trap set by the show’s team ensured that every detail was captured on camera, leaving no room for denial or escape.

At first, Rusike vehemently denied any intentions of engaging in inappropriate activities with the young boy. He desperately claimed that they were just friends and had innocently come to see him. However, as the relentless questioning continued and the weight of evidence piled against him, his feeble façade quickly crumbled.

Realizing the damning nature of the evidence, including his recorded attempts to kiss the young boy, Albert’s demeanor shifted from defiance to remorse. Apologies started pouring from his lips as the gravity of his actions sunk in. The unsettling truth emerged that he had not only attempted to kiss the minor multiple times but had also shown him explicit pornographic videos on his mobile phone. The shocking discovery of lubricant concealed in his pockets provided damning evidence of his premeditated intentions.


Law enforcement agencies have launched a comprehensive investigation into Albert Rusike’s activities, aiming to identify any potential victims and bring him to account for his abhorrent acts

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