BBTitans Housemate Khosi Teases Yemi Cregx with Pregnancy News [ video]

BBTitans housemate Khosi has teased her lover, Yemi Cregx with a piece of news that has gotten a lot of people talking.

The 25-year-old South African has revealed to Yemi during a late-night chat that she is pregnant for him.

The two were having a conversation where Khosi confronted Yemi Cregx for saving Blue Aiva and her partner Kananga Jnr during the nomination period on Monday evening.

However, as they were chatting with each other, Khosi playfully told Yemi that she is pregnant while bursting into laughter. Khosi and Yemi made out intimately a few moments after Yemi confronted Thabang to stay away from Khosi and stick with Nelisa.

The couple were seen in a cozy way as they chat into the night.

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