BBTitans Housemates hit with Massive Twist.

BBTitans housemates have reportedly been issued a new challenge that prevents communication between male and female housemates.

According to the twist, the men will only be able to communicate with other men and women with women until biggie says otherwise.

The guys and the girls have been split into two tribes who can only speak via a mediator nominated by each gender, Yaya and Miracle.

The mediator can only speak for a certain number of times per day in squared off areas for a time period to be decided by Biggie.

The twist also required that the housemates must change sleeping arrangements: females in one room (Alex), while the males in a different room (Sandton).

No female must cook for the male housemates again and vice versa. They are not allowed to use the kitchen at the same time.

Also, they must be separated during the use of the arena and party room.

The housemates were subjected to the new twist from Biggie after the successful wager task presentation and after Nelisa, Blue Aiva, and Olivia broke one of Biggie’s rules by engaging in a physical fight.

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