Catholic Priests caution catholics about “Zion Prayer  Ministries”. [ details]

Catholic priests have gone on Facebook to alert Catholics who go to Zion Service claimed by Evangelist Ebuka Obi.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu and Father Kay both guaranteed that Zion Service is definitely not a Catholic Service and has no endorsement of the Catholic Church.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu said Zion Minsitry “was established on double dealing”.

He added that individuals from the service go similar to offending Catholic clerics who “attempt to come clean with them about the service they join in and about the priest whom they have now exalted”.

In his very own post page, Father Kay added that, “The Essence of God doesn’t and can’t cause turmoil.”

Many members of Zion prayer ministeries have since hit back at the Priests on Facebook.

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