Diddy old employees Granted Immunity by Feds to Spill.

Diddy is submerged in deeper sh*t as feds have reportedly asked multiple old employees to come forth for interviews with full immunity guaranteed.

Some time ago a bad boy empire employee disclosed  that she was contacted by the F.B.I. and asked to come in for an interview which she  immediately contacted an attorney who corresponded with federal agents to negotiate the terms of the interview. [ This is standard practice when a former employer is being investigated for a possible RICO violation].

We’re told that the employee was offered an “immunity deal” with the feds, to tell what she knows.

Fortunately for Diddy, the said employee did not witness any of the physical abuse against men or women, that were alleged in the lawsuits, but she heard stories.

The news is not all good for Diddy, is told when one is called for federal interviews, they are obligated to tell the truth.

Typically federal prosecutors call in witnesses for interviews at the end of a criminal investigation. Given the number of interviews requested, we should expect a grand jury to be formed imminently.

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