Busta Rhymes alleged Gay Activities are Common Knowledge – Big Homie CC

Busta Rhymes Hip hop legend is going viral, after an ex- bodyguard claims the allegations on Busta making strange requests – with respect to young men is True.

The ex bodyguard, named Big Homie CC called his former client Busta a “super zest monster.”

Big Homie CC said;

“All my promoter homies would say, we need to bring some ‘fun boys’ in the [VIP] section for Busta,” the bodyguard explains.

He continued, “I was out with Don Benjamin [a model/rapper] and the club we ended up going to, Busta Rhymes [was in there.”

The ex-bodyguard also claim that one time among his entourage was their lawyer, who happens to be gay.

“Busta Rhymes wanted [the lawyer] in his section so bad. Busta pulled [the lawyer] into his section, and stuck him in a corner. He stayed with Busta and them.”

Further exposing Busta ,  another  video  showing a popular male Youtuber, with claims  the 1990s rapper tried to “pick him up.”

The Youtuber who is certified gay – claims that Busta saw him outside of a club, and invited him into the club with him, to hang out in Busta’s VIP section.

The Youtuber claims that Busta “grabbed his hand softly” and asked to join him in the VIP.

The naive Youtuber said ; i thought Busta was just being generous, and so i agreed to go into the club with him.

The man claims that his boyfriend got jealous, and the two men got into a drag out fight on a New York City street.

He never managed to get inside the club with Busta.

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