Haitian Gang Raid Police HQ, Slaughter Cops.

A Haitian gang raided a police headquarters in the nation and butchered many cops, as per reports.

Reports are arising that individuals from a group drove by the scandalous warlord Jimmy “Grill” Cherizier went after a police headquarters in Gressier, Port-au-Ruler, and killed something like 20 officials.

The attack is accepted to have started on Sunday, June 30.

Haiti Libre said the assault was done by individuals from the “Vivre Troupe” pack alliance drove by “Grill”. Different reports expressed that the Bougoy Posse were involved.

To the extent that the attack on the police headquarters is concered, reports expressed that a “musculat counter-hostile” from police saw a few gangsters killed.

Haiti Libre expressed that Bougoy pioneer Ti Bébé Bougoy, who had flaunted the day preceding the assault of being more grounded than the police powers, was caught.

It had been accounted for that the scoundrels were utilizing “large equipment” to obliterate the police headquarters. This has allegedly been seized by specialists.

In June 2022 it was accounted for that the pack had been gathering together destitute and in danger youngsters, to use as troopers in posse wars.

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