Leakage of Official Document To Attract Jail Term – FG

FG- Federal Government of Nigeria has cautioned that the unapproved exposure or spillage of true reports, equipped for influencing the nation adversely, is a culpable offense.

Secretary to the  Government of the Federation(SGF), Sen. George Akume, gave the admonition on Tuesday, July 2, in Abuja, at a workshop coordinated by the Department of Bureau for   Public Service Reforms (BPSR) in a joint effort with the Workplace of the Office of the Government of the Federation (OSGF).

The workshop is themed: “Restoring trust and fortifying of public solidarity through powerful correspondence and the job of the Authority Secret Demonstrations in keeping up with privacy and public safety.”

Addressed by Dr Nnamdi Mbaeri, Extremely durable Secretary in the Workplace of the SGF, Akume said unapproved spillage of delicate authority reports is a crime and there is no guard for such, either in the Constitution or Opportunity of Data Act.

Review that Segment 97 (2) of the Lawbreaker Code Demonstration of Nigeria, gives: “Any individual who, being utilized in the public help, without legitimate power digests, or makes a duplicate of, any report the property of his boss is at fault for a wrongdoing and is obligated to detainment for one year”.

FG secetary to the Government of the federation Akume reviewed that administration had concocted measures in the past to contain the spillage of delicate authority data in MDAs through the issuance of administration wide handouts by the Workplace of the Head of Common Help of the Alliance in August 2021.

He said:

“This was supported by the issuance of another assistance wide roundabout in February 2024 on the unapproved flow of true archives with data via web-based entertainment.

“This was finished to re-stress other surviving guidelines precluding unapproved divulgence or spillage of true archives.

“There is the need to manage the exercises of the common society associations who utilize the Opportunity of Data Act to disturb, threaten and siphon assets from public officials through the scattering of phony and unwarranted data.

This ought to be appropriately tended to by every one of the professionals in the correspondence and related enterprises.’

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