Hajia4Real pleads for Deportation and 3  months Jail Term

Hajia4Real Ghanaian socialite/singer, whose real names are Mona Faiz Montrage   is reportedly pleading for 3 months in jail and deportation back to Ghana over her involvement in a $2m fraud.

The socialite was captured on November 10, 2022, in the UK for the supposed scheme and brought to the US on Friday, May 12.

She was subsequently accused of one count of connivance to commit wire extortion, one count of wire misrepresentation, one count of tax evasion trick, and one count of tax evasion, every one of which convey a greatest sentence of 20 years in jail.

In February 2024, Hajia 4Real confessed to her part in washing the returns of a progression of sentiment tricks.

Hajia4Reall’s legal counselor has now pleaded for mercy from the appointed authority, requesting a three-month prison sentence followed by extradition to Ghana.

In a request for kindness, the legal counselor contended that Hajia4Real had been impacted by an extortion organization and underlined her job as need might arise to really focus on her child.

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