Wells Fargo Lay-off 18 Employees Over Pretentious Work Ethics.

Wells Fargo Bank employees who pretended to work-from-home by using simulation software that gave the impression they were working, have been reportedly fired.

According to a Bloomberg report, Wells Fargo fired the employees after an investigation into claims that they used low-cost software to fake keystrokes on their computers.

The 18 employees are accused of using $10 “mouse jigglers,” which are keyboard-impersonating devices.

Bloomberg was able to view a filing that was submitted to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and disclosed the layoffs.

“Wells Fargo holds workers to the best expectations and doesn’t endure exploitative way of behaving,” an organization representative told Reuters.

Work-from-home workers frequently make use of keyboard jugglers. Most WFH workers have opposed endeavors to drive them once again into the workplace all day.

Wells Fargo recently changed its WFH strategy expecting staff members to be face to face no less than three days per week.

After years of working remotely from home, the Biden administration ordered federal employees to return to the office last year.

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