NIN Enrolment Hits 93.5 Million in National Database.

NIN – The National Identity Number enrollment has hit over 93.5 million in the national database has learned.


Mr Aliyu Aziz Director General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), disclosed this on Wednesday, December 21, at a one-day roundtable meeting organised by the Identify for Development (ID4D). 


Currently, the National Identity Database has over 90 million (93.5m) records, which is a sharp contrast from just 7 million when I assumed office in 2015. 

“The primary aim of the strategic roadmap for digital identification in Nigeria is to simplify the approach to identification through simple data collection process and a centralised unique identification system for Nigeria and legal residents. This is a sharp contrast to the fragmented multi-issuing ID agencies of the past.” 

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