Ray J Call out Men who pollute the Vagina of Women yet Accuse them of Poor Hygiene. [ video]

Ray J has told men to stop polluting women’s vaginas and then referring to such women as being unhygienic when the PH value of their Vagina becomes Unbalanced.

The rapper said that many men play major role in the causes of stinky vaginas when they sleep with multiple women and pass infections from one to the other, yet they blame women for having them. 

Speaking on The Breakfast Club, Ray J explained:

“You brothers are messing up the PH balance for these women and you are causing stinky vagina.” 

He added that he doesn’t “appreciate” men having “casual” conversations with other men about the women they’ve been with to complain about the women’s lady parts without the men taking accountability for the part they played in messing up the PH balance of the women’s vaginas. 

Watch video below;

“If you was in it the first day and it was great, second day and it was great, third day it was kind of…” Ray J tried to explain. 

Charlamagne Tha God then piped in to say that when Ray J explains it that way, he understands. 

Charlamagne added that he heard two men discussing that when a woman suddenly has body odour, it’s sometimes as a result of what the man she’s with is doing sexually outside of their relationship. 

“There is something to this conversation. It just sounds crazy to blame a man for a woman’s vaginal odour but…” Charlamagne said. 

Ray J interjected: “I think it sounds crazy for a man to blame a woman for him being in it and then now it’s wrong in his mind. I mean he should be just yelling at himself.” 

“The way you explained it makes sense,” Charlamagne agreed. “If the first day you was in it it was cool, second day it was cool, third day it was cool, fourth day ehn… it might me you.” 

“That’s what I’m saying,” Ray J said. 

Charlamagne continued: “Especially if you’re out here creeping with other women.” 

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